Bob Bobburger - Level 4 Zombie

Class:Zombie Once a proud Necrotech Employee, this zombie was taken and infected. Now he searches the streets for a revivifier so he can leave this horrid life.
XP:64 Group:Dunell Hills Police Department
Joined:2006-08-01 20:21:13 Skills:
              • NecroTech Employment (Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street.)
                • Lab Experience (Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment.)
                  • NecroNet Access (Player can access terminals in powered NT buildings, allowing map scans and syringe manufacture.)
                        • Construction (Player is able to build barricades, repair machinery and restore ruined buildings.)
                            Died:35 times
                            First died:unknown

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