Broma - Level 8 Zombie

Class:Zombie Keeping his head high above the others; a thin pale, slim figure flashes a bloody grin. A NecroTech badge dangling from his chest labels him as Brom Howell and a second badge draping from the end of his untucked shirt labels him as part of the DHPD.

Wearing: a bloodstained grey short-sleeved shirt, a blood-flecked black jacket, a blood-soaked white lab coat, a bloodstained pair of black trousers and a bloodstained pair of black leather shoes

XP:43 Group:Dunell Hills Police Department
Joined:2011-03-07 22:27:30 Skills:
  • Basic Firearms Training (Player gets +25% to hit with all firearms attacks.)
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat (+15% to melee attacks.)
          • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
            • NecroTech Employment (Player is able to operate DNA Extractors, and can identify NecroTech offices from the street.)
              • Lab Experience (Can recognise and operate basic-level NecroTech equipment.)
                • Diagnosis (The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name.)

                                                      • Lurching Gait (Zombie can walk as fast as the living.)
                                                        • Ankle Grab (Zombie only spends 1AP standing up.)
                                                        Died:8 times
                                                        First died:unknown
                                                        Real name:Cash

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