Claire Bennett - Level 6 Zombie

Class:Zombie Save the cheerleader zombie, save the world.

Wearing: a blood-flecked crucifix necklace, a bloodstained white skirt and a blood-soaked pair of white shoes

XP:81 Group:O.U.C.H.
Joined:2007-11-30 09:48:42 Skills:
          • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
              • First Aid (Player is able to heal an extra 5HP when using a first-aid kit.)
                • Diagnosis (The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name.)
                • Shopping (Player may choose which stores to loot, when searching a mall.)

                                    • Vigour Mortis (Zombie gets +10% to hit with all non-weapon attacks.)
                                              • Memories of Life (Zombie is able to open doors to buildings.)
                                                          Died:24 times
                                                          First died:unknown
                                                          Real name:Laurence J Sinclair

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