Riscardo - Level 3 Military

Class:Military A lone scout on leave from the war, he is on travels only to be trapped in the zombie apocalypse. He now helps others in hopes that he can restore Malton and eliminate the zombie hordes.

Wearing: a blood-flecked grey short-sleeved shirt, a bloodstained black jacket, a blood-flecked pair of black trousers and a scraped and bloodstained pair of black shoes

XP:125 Group:none
Joined:2007-08-12 20:00:39 Skills:
      • Hand-to-Hand Combat (+15% to melee attacks.)
        • Knife Combat (An extra +15% when attacking with a knife.)
        • Free Running (Can move between adjacent buildings without stepping outside.)
                            Died:5 times
                            First died:unknown

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