Planters - Level 4 Civilian

Class:Civilian A non-descript survivor.

Wearing: a ripped black short-sleeved shirt, a ripped and bloodstained dark red jacket, a torn and bloodstained pair of black jeans and a scuffed and bloodstained pair of dark red boots

XP:67 Group:The Dead
Joined:2009-03-16 05:50:53 Skills:

                                        • Vigour Mortis (Zombie gets +10% to hit with all non-weapon attacks.)
                                            • Death Grip (Zombie gets an extra +15% to hit with hand attacks.)
                                            • Rend Flesh (Hand attacks deal an extra 1 damage.)
                                                      • Lurching Gait (Zombie can walk as fast as the living.)
                                                          Died:11 times
                                                          First died:during the early outbreaks
                                                          Real name:Marc S.

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